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Tom from Germany

I am glad to found cryptoreactor and to try it out. It is my third mining farm I am co-working and here are the facts why I am adding more business:

  • Service: 24/7 – Service. No ticket system with long termin service – you directly speak/communicate to the team in datacenter via telegram and they look for a solution.
  • Good prices: the best prices you can find. The business shall be a business for both – the supplier and the costumer – here it does.
  • VPN: With VPN you have a direct connection to your machines. Good if you have to react fast.
  • All-in-One: You can either choose delivery your miners on your own – or if you need it comfortable purchase with cryptoreactor and their partners. It is turn-key and so only a Log-in is everything you have to do.


8 800 775 80 85

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